Level of study: PhD

Name and surname: Asekho Mantintsilili 

Email: asekho4@gmail.com


Project Description:

Asekho is an ecologists with a wide array of interests including biodiversity assessment, biodiversity and conservation, wildlife trade ecology, community and functional ecology, species interactions and ecological networks and how disturbance changes these, invasion biology, human-wildlife conflict and ecological risk assessment. These studies may focus on small mammals, reptiles and birds. 


He is currently doing his PhD at the Nelson Mandela University, Gorge campus in the Nature Conservation Department. He is supervised by Dr Anina Coetzee and Dr Colleen Seymour, working on the interplay between anthropogenic influences (changed fire regimes & sugar water feeders) and their effects on nectarivorous birds and the plants they pollinate. This project is funded by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI).



  • BSc in Environmental Sciences (UKZN, 2018), BSCHONS in Biological Sciences (UKZN, 2019), MSc in Ecology (UKZN, 2021).