We host a diverse and vibrant postgraduate community that is expanding rapidly. The research in the department tackles relevant conservation issues through fundamental and applied research and often involves engagement with practitioners. Our local and international students and Postdoctoral Research Fellows are exposed to a multi-disciplinary environment and get opportunities to develop a variety of research skills, supervise postgraduate students and teach. We use a range of research techniques, including field data collection, lab-based research, modelling and sociological study techniques. The university also provides a range of academic support tools and workshops.
BSc Honours 
Our department (together with the Cluster Natural Resource Science and Management) offers an exciting BSc Honours in Natural Resource Management. This one-year program includes course work and a research project. This program includes a multi-disciplinary cohort of students with qualifications in Conservation and related Sciences, Forestry, Wood Technology and Agricultural Management. All students must complete the compulsory modules (Principles of Sustainability, Statistical Techniques for Research and the Research Project). Applicants with a qualification in Conservation, Botany, Zoology or related fields must select one of two elective modules: Conservation Management or Socio-Ecological Systems. Applicants with a qualification in Environmental Science, Geography or related fields may select the Socio-Ecological Systems elective module. 
Prospective students are advised to apply for funding timeously and may contact staff to discuss potential research projects.
MSc, PhD and Postdoc
Prospective students and Postdoctoral Fellows are advised to contact potential supervisors directly. Please see information on the staff and current research projects and application process