Anina Coetzee

Position: Lecturer – Nature Conservation / Head of Department

Expertise: Pollination biology, community ecology, urban ecology, ornithology; conservation


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Tim Kuiper

Position: Senior Lecturer - Statistics and Nature Conservation

Expertise: Biodiversity conservation; Human-nature relations; Poaching and the Illegal Wildlife Trade; Quantitative ecology and data analytics for conservation; GIS;  Knowledge exchange (science-policy).


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Willem Matthee

Position: Lecturer – Nature Conservation

Expertise: Ecology; ornithology; bird conservation; botany; Karoo rehabilitation; island biogeography; frog ecology and conservation.


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Anton Schmidt

Position: Senior Lecturer

Expertise: Veld rehabilitation


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James George Sekonya

Position: Lecturer

Research interests and expertise: As a human geographer, my research interests and expertise lie in the themes around equitable access and sustainable use; commercialisation; governance; and conservation of biodiversity. My have experience working in areas of wildlife conservation and environmental education; environmental observation and research; and science education. These experiences have distilled my enthusiastic research interest in the transformative and sustainable conservation approaches of natural resource commons for improving household livelihoods and resilience in rural and peri-urban contexts.

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Jan Venter

Position: Associate Professor – Nature Conservation

Expertise: Large terrestrial mammal ecology; wildlife ecology and management


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Dept Administrator

Mrs Kershia Jagernath

Position: Department Administrator

Deptartment: Conservation Management

Phone: 044 801 5045


Qualifications: NDip Business Management; Adv Diploma Business Studies


Research Associates

Dr Francis Brooke

Francis’ research interests lie within the field of ornithology, with a specific interest in the ecology of threatened bird species. Much of her work in the past has focused on Cape Vultures and their vulnerability to renewable wind energy development. She is currently working for the Wild Bird Trust Cape Parrot Project as the Research Manager, where she is responsible for coordinating on the ground research of South Africa’s only endemic parrot species. 




Corli Coetsee

Dr. Corli Coetsee is currently employed as an ecologist with a focus on vegetation dynamics with SANParks and is based in the Kruger National Park. Apart from doing her own research centred around plant-animal interactions and fire effects in savanna landscapes, she coordinates most of the vegetation-related research for Kruger and Mapungubwe National Parks. She holds a PhD from the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cape Town. When she is not busy with science, she likes hanging out on the beach with her family.



Werner Conradie

Werner Conradie holds a Masters in Environmental Science (M. Env. Sc.) and has 18 years of experience with Southern African herpetofauna, with his main research interests focusing on the taxonomy, conservation, and ecology of amphibians and reptiles. Werner has published numerous principal and collaborative scientific papers, and has served on a number of conservation and scientific panels, including the Southern African Reptile and Amphibian Relisting Committees. He has undertaken research expeditions to many African countries including Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Werner is currently the Curator of Herpetology at the Port Elizabeth Museum (Bayworld), South Africa.





Dr Bianca Currie

Dr Bianca Currie is a Research Associate with the Sustainability Research Unit and the Chief Executive of the Garden Route Biosphere Reserve, a part of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's longstanding Man and the Biosphere Programme.  Dr Currie’s expertise are in understanding complex social ecological systems and sustainability together with social learning, community engagement and participation.  Her current research and teaching project involvement is focused on nationally important Strategic Water Sources Areas, governance and trans-disciplinary research in biosphere reserves. 



Garden Route Biosphere Reserve



Tineke Kraaij

I have over 20 years’ experience in conducting applied research to inform and influence biodiversity conservation. My fields of specialisation are the ecology and fire ecology of Mediterranean-climate shrublands (and fynbos in particular), alien plant invasions, rare and threatened plants species conservation, and ecosystem restoration. I have authored/co-authored 52 papers in scientific journals and supervised 15 postgraduate candidates.

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Lucie Thel

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Robert Davies

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Rudi Swart

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