James George Sekonya

Position: Lecturer

Tel: 044 801 5061

Email: james.sekonya@mandela.ac.za

Office num: Research building Room 07

Qualifications: BEnvM (Hons), University of Venda; MPhil Environment, Society and Sustainability, University of Cape Town; PhD Environmental and Geographical Sciences, UCT.


Research interests and expertise: As a human geographer, my research interests and expertise lie in the themes around equitable access and sustainable use; commercialisation; governance; and conservation of biodiversity. My have experience working in areas of wildlife conservation and environmental education; environmental observation and research; and science education. These experiences have distilled my enthusiastic research interest in the transformative and sustainable conservation approaches of natural resource commons for improving household livelihoods and resilience in rural and peri-urban contexts.



  • Sekonya, J. G., McClure, N. J., & Wynberg, R. P. (2020) New pressures, old foodways: Governance and access to edible mopane caterpillars, Imbrasia (=Gonimbrasia) belina, in the context of commercialisation and environmental change in South Africa. International Journal of the Commons, 14(1), pp. 139-153. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5334/ijc.978
  • Sekonya, G. (2011) Fynbos Forum 2011: Fynbos and human heritage. Grassroots. vol. 11(4): 11-12.


Current Students: